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GCSE Drama



Type of subject: Creative, practical and academic

Additional information:

In the devised unit, students study the skills techniques and knowledge required to create and perform their own play. Students are set a thought-provoking stimulus; encouraged to research the themes and issues around that topic; and use theatre making techniques to produce a meaningful and skilfully executed performance.

The study of a set text is designed to enable students to analyse a play in a practical style. The texts are chosen by the exam board and we spend two years generating ideas about the meaning of the work, the symbols, social, historical, cultural and political context of the play as well as developing a directorial concept for the play.

Texts in practice is the acting unit of the course.  Students study a full, contrasting text to the set text and develop performance skills in order to create a quality performance.  This is assessed by a visiting examiner and you are welcome to watch the work. We regularly see live theatre and have had trips to Manchester, Bradford, Ralph Thorsby Theatre and have external practitioners visit and work with students.

How is the course assessed?

Component 1: Understanding Drama

  • Written paper – 1 hour 45 minutes (80 marks – 40% of GCSE)
  • Knowledge and understanding of drama and theatre
  • Study of one set play from a choice of six
  • Analysis and evaluation of live theatre makers

Component 2: Devising Drama

  • Devising log (60 marks)                    }  80 marks in total -
  • Devised performance (20 marks) }  40% of GCSE
  • Process of creating devised drama
  • Performance of devised drama
  • Analysis and evaluation of own work

Component 3: Texts in practice

  • Performance of two extracts from one play
  • Free choice of play
  • Performance of extract 1 20 marks }  40 marks in total -
  • Performance of extract 2 20 marks }  40% of GCSE

This is externally marked by a visiting AQA examiner.

Who should I talk to if I want to ask about this subject?

Miss K Mitchell