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Embed confidence; fuel ambition.

Embed confidence; fuel ambition.

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For Parents and Carers

Primary transition

The journey from primary to secondary school is an important one and at Lawnswood School we endeavour to support our future students, parents and carers through this process. 

We are exceptionally proud of our relationship with our feeder primary schools and this section of our website celebrates our work with these schools, as well as providing you with information about how we will support your child on bridging the gap during their journey to Year 7.
Mrs N Goodwill, Assistant Headteacher.



Leeds Education Authority (LEA) has an admissions policy and system which can be found on the Leeds City Council website >>

If you need further advice from the school, contact Mrs R Speight - Office Manager: rhian.speight@elawnswood.co.uk.

What our students, parents and feeder primary schools have to say...

“I have found the transition from Primary to Secondary school very comfortable and easy because I have had support and care shown to me. I also have made loads of new friends which has made the transition easy because I could talk to people who were going through the same thing as me. My parents were also very helpful as they gave me endless care and support”. - Abigail 7GPA

"Transition Day was an amazing day, because it was a day to see where everything was. There were some cool activities like sewing. On Transition Day you could make new friends and you could get to know the schools rules too" - Amika 7GPA

"I enjoyed transition because I made new friends and friendships." - Jake 7JMC

"There was fun activities and competition, like in art we had to draw an animal, and if yours was the best you got a prize!" - Zoe 7JMC

"Transition day was full of exciting activities, it was great way to make friends and enjoy looking around the school. As well as having fun, we also learnt about the school rules. Overall, transition day was an amazing experience." Darcie 7LWE

"Transition day was fun because we got to have a look around the school, make friends, learn about the school rules and meet teachers" Maya 7LWE

"You will make more friends than you think, you will have more fun than you expect. It might seem scary at first but you'll realise that its easier than you think." Alina 7LWE