Important notice:Lawnswood School is now closed until further notice. If you have an urgent safeguarding concern or you are a professional please contact us on 07514 314 216 (between 9am-3pm).   Otherwise please email us at and we will get back to you.

0113 284 4020

Embed confidence; fuel ambition.

Embed confidence; fuel ambition.

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Friends of Lawnswood

Here at Lawnswood, both the students and staff value the support we get from our parents and local partners.

Over the last few years, an ever increasing amount of Friends have contributed to the school where ever they can.

  • Friends attend Open Evenings, Information Evenings and offer advice and information to other parents
  • Friends help to organise events such as the Art Exhibition, Drama Production and Carnival
  • Friends use their professional skills to support initiatives such as the Health Fair and Enterprise Day
  • Friends use their contacts to bring new projects and workshops into school
  • Friends aid the transition process from primary schools
  • Friends fund raise for the Recharge and Refuel and enrichment programme

The Friends of Lawnswood forum meets in school every half term as well as gather for other activities and in relation to specific events at other times.  Look out for various events throughout the school year.

There’s also a Facebook page – Friends of Lawnswood School.  You can keep up to date with them by liking the page.

If you would like to contact someone direct, feel free to email

On behalf of the students and staff

Thank you to our Friends