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Embed confidence; fuel ambition.

Embed confidence; fuel ambition.

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For Parents and Carers

CNAT Health & Social Care

Type of subject: Vocational

Exam board: OCR

Examples of topics studied:

Students will learn about health; the factors that can affect health; and how to improve people’s lifestyles.  Students examine why people need care services (ill health, sports injury, pregnancy); what services are available to them; and the roles of professionals who work in health and care services. The growth and development of children from birth to 5 years old and how to make a nursery safe and secure.

How is the course assessed?

  1. Mandatory unit: written exam - essential values of care for use with individuals in care settings, worth 60 marks (25%)
  2. Mandatory unit: controlled assessment unit - communicating and working with individuals in health, social care and early years’ settings, worth 60 marks (25%)
  3. Unit chosen from a range of options: controlled assessment unit - worth 60 marks (25%)
  4. Unit chosen from a range of options: controlled assessment unit - worth 60 marks (25%)

If you pass this course you could achieve: Level 2: Pass, Merit, Distinction, Distinction* equivalent of the new 4-9 grades

Additional information:

The projects included in the course are designed to appeal to both male and female students.  The skills gained include logical problem-solving, communication, evaluation, investigation, organisation and time management; all of which are useful and beneficial to any future profession.

This is a good subject to choose if you want a career within the health and social care sector, for example working as a registered nurse, paramedic, social worker, health visitor, teacher, youth offending officer, doctor, military and mental health nursing, research and healthcare policy making, nursery assistant, midwife, support practitioner, physiotherapist or speech and/or language therapist.

Who should I talk to if I want to ask about this subject?                                     

Mrs D Hartley SO4