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Embed confidence; fuel ambition.

Embed confidence; fuel ambition.

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The Curriculum


ConfidenceWe believe that every student should be supported to develop a deep and broad bank of knowledge and skills that will allow them to feel truly confident and resilient throughout their life. This theme is best summarised through our approach to teaching, learning and assessment.

It is essential that all students are given the opportunity to develop and apply a range of skills in their learning in order to become a great learner.

Great learners communicate well; they enjoy reading, listen carefully to others, put effort into writing and can share their ideas with others.

Great learners show commitment; they are self-motivated and know that effort means progress. They take responsibility for their own learning

Great learners are curious; they are interested in finding out about new things. They explore issues or problems from different perspectives.

Great learners show confidence; they are not afraid to ‘fail’ and try again They have self-belief and trust in their own efforts.

Great learners are creative; they choose from a range of strategies to tackle problems. They try out alternatives and follow through on ideas.

Great learners collaborate; they know that working with others helps to develop everybody’s understanding. They show consideration for others.

Great learners celebrate learning; they engage actively with learning and reflect on their own successes. They look for positives and evaluate their experiences.

T&L-at-LawnswoodIn order for students to be truly confident and successful learners it is important that they are given the opportunity to build resilience in challenging situations and that they regularly revisit prior learning in order to secure knowledge.

All teaching staff follow a common narrative, designed to ensure that students experience the highest quality of teaching and learning in all lessons.

Effective-learningAll lessons include a 15-minute silent working session, in order to ensure that students have the confidence to try and solve problems for themselves, and to ensure that every lesson meets the needs of the many different ways in which we all learn.

The work of the Learning Scientists has also been key in driving forward our approach towards teaching and learning, in particular the approach that staff take to ensuring that students commit new learning to their long-term memory.

Our three-year cycle of continuing professional development for teaching staff forms and evidence-based action research approach, where we expect everyone to engage in the latest research regarding effective learning.

Students use thinking maps regularly throughout their lessons in order to provide them with useful tools and techniques for confidently organising their thoughts and ideas: work

We have high expectations regarding the quality of work in students’ exercise books and students respond to teacher feedback using a green pen so that they can quickly remind themselves of any gaps in their knowledge and what they have done to improve.

Regular focused home learning also helps students to secure learning from lessons.