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Embed confidence; fuel ambition.

Embed confidence; fuel ambition.

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Lawnswood High School for Girls



Shortly after the launch of our new website in 2014, we came across the website of the ‘Old Girls’ from when the two school buildings were separately known as Lawnswood High School (for girls) and Leeds Modern (for boys).

The website is a fascinating mix of facts about the old schools and humorous reminiscences of life at the school pre-1971. Read about uniform, lessons, sport and the dreaded showers, crime and punishment and much more! Even if you were not a pupil in those days, you will not fail to be enthralled by the stories and images. There are also some articles by the boys!

“I hated wearing hats and gloves but it was a punishable offence to arrive or leave school without them, and if a pupil had the temerity to do so they had to wear the neglected items all the next day.” Hilary Steeple ’44-’51

“During and immediately after the war the windows were covered with a sticky mesh-like covering to avoid the glass splintering if the building was bombed. I seem to remember people who sat by the windows used to try to peel this off in idle moments.” Irene Furze ’43-’54

We are extremely grateful to webmaster Sandra Midgley for allowing us to use some of the images from the website, and for using her newsletter to ask her members to sign up for our own new Alumni.