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Embed confidence; fuel ambition.

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Our governors

Mrs Kathy Page

Co-opted Governor / Chair of Governors

I have recently retired from working as the Health & Safety Officer for Lawnswood School. Prior to my 7 years in the school, I worked within Leeds City Council for 10 years and, prior to that, in banking and financial services for 29 years, specialising in card services in the UK and Overseas.

All my family have worked in education and, having made a decision at 16 not to do so, I found myself thoroughly enjoying my work in the education sector. I feel hugely supportive of the school and its students from many different ethnicities. I am very proud to say the whole school embraces and celebrates the different cultures at Lawnswood . I feel very lucky to serve on the Governing board alongside my fellow Governors, and to also offer a positive contribution and the benefit of my transferable skills.

Lucy Omidiran

Co-opted Governor / Vice-Chair of Governors

I became an associate governor at Lawnswood in February 2021 and am currently a co-opted governor, and Vice Chair of Governors. 

I have a long association with Lawnswood and attended the school myself back in the 1980s. Two of my older children were also students at Lawnswood, and my youngest son is just going into year 10.   

I have been interested in how the school has evolved and improved over the years, and hope to contribute towards future progression through my role on the governing body. I am committed to ensuring that every student is able to achieve their potential through education, and feel that Lawnswood provides a nurturing environment in which to facilitate this. 

I am local to Leeds and live in Headingley. I currently work as a HR Manager in the field of global mobility. Earlier in my career, I spent ten years working as a family law solicitor, before relocating overseas in 2008 to work in west Africa, returning to Leeds in 2018. I can use the skills, knowledge and experience that I have acquired over the years in several different areas and roles to contribute positively to the school and to the local community.

Mrs Jo Bell

Staff Governor - Headteacher

As Headteacher, I am automatically a member of the governing body.  However, my experience of governance started many years ago when I first went into teaching.I was one of the staff governors of both secondary schools in which I worked in Birmingham.I found it extremely useful professional development and it certainly helped me in my role as a senior leader when I left Birmingham to work in London.My connection with Lawnswood School’s governing body began when I joined the school as Deputy Headteacher in September 2012, as I asked to become an associate member to further my knowledge and understanding of governance.Once appointed to Headteacher in November 2014, I became a fully-fledged member.

My role on the governing body is slightly different to my fellow governors as, whilst I join in the strategic vision setting and have a voting right, I am also responsible for carrying out the day to day running of the school and am accountable to the governing body.

Mr Angelo Basu

Co-opted Governor

I became a co-opted Governor in November 2019. I was previously a governor at Spring Bank Primary School and currently have a son at Lawnswood. I am a strong supporter of non-selective State education and was keen to join the governing body at Lawnswood to help contribute to it continuing to provide a high quality, broad education to children in the area. I'm professionally qualified as a Barrister and Solicitor and have worked as a commercial lawyer in the public and private sectors for over 25 years, specialising in EU and UK regulatory law and governance.

Mrs Maggie Beech

Staff Governor

I entered the teaching profession relatively late in my working career and joined Lawnswood School to teach maths in 2010.  Nowadays, I work throughout school covering absent teachers, which gives me great opportunities to work in different departments with a variety of colleagues and to see how students react and behave in different subject areas.  Before teaching, I worked in scientific research at University of London, University of Washington and Sandoz Pharmaceuticals.

Our school has a wonderful community, where all members of staff work together to provide a safe, nurturing environment and to give every student an equal chance to achieve their potential. 

I feel passionate about comprehensive education and have a strong commitment to Lawnswood School.   I am keen to help our school maintain its high standards; meet future challenges; and continue to serve its diverse community of students.

Mrs Cathy Cammegh

Local Authority Governor

I was elected as a governor after a ballot of parents and carers in January 2017.

Having been one of the few from my school to get to university, I understand the challenge of achieving potential and the huge impact that teachers can have on student outcomes. I also understand the importance of parental engagement and support for education.

Professionally, I have been practising as a corporate/commercial solicitor in private practice and in industry for over 20 years.  In addition to legal expertise, my work has given me experience and skills in many relevant areas, including negotiation, business management, public relations and marketing.

I have three children currently at Lawnswood School and a son who is now at Liverpool University and who also attended Lawnswood.  I've lived in and around Headingley since I moved to Leeds as a student over 30 years ago and I am keen to contribute positively to our school and our local community.

Mr Matt Garman

Co-opted Governor

I became a member of Lawnswood School governing body in 2012, as a parent governor and now as a coopted governor.  I currently have one child at Lawnswood School, studying for his GCSEs.

My professional background and experience comes from working with children and young people in a variety of settings, within Leeds City Council.

I wanted to join the governing body to make a positive contribution to Lawnswood School and I look forward to being able to contribute to the school’s continued success.

Ms Cathy Gurney

Parent Governor

I am a parent governor, the parent of twin boys, currently in year 9. I also have 2 adult daughters, who attended the old Lawnswood School in the 1990s. I was a chair of governors at a Leeds primary school for 10 years, a role I thoroughly enjoyed.
I was a social worker in Leeds for over 40 years; my last role being one of support for looked after children. I am particularly looking forward to the chance to become involved in the everyday life of the school and the opportunity to support the school team to ensure that every young person is given the support they need to succeed and achieve through their education.

Miss Clara Hiskey

Co-opted Governor

Miss Stacey Wilkinson

Co-opted Governor

I was appointed as a co-opted governor in May 2023.  

I hope to bring my experience working in digital transformation to drive meaningful change in education, especially at Lawnswood. I have a passion for innovation and a deep understanding of the evolving digital landscape and hope to bring this to the table as school governor.  

I look forward to collaborating with all members of our school community as we strive for excellence, innovation, and the limitless potential of our students. 

Miss Becky McNutt

Co-opted Governor

Dr James Woodall

Parent Governor

Ms Sarah Carmody

Associate Governor