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Embed confidence; fuel ambition.

Embed confidence; fuel ambition.

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For Parents and Carers

Support for your child

At Lawnswood School the Transition Team provide an all year round process that will help your child make the jump from Year 6 to Year 7.

  • KS2 Lessons - weekly subject specific learning based at Lawnswood School
  • Primary School Based Workshops - delivered by either staff or older students to support learning, within their familiar classroom setting
  • Collaboration - between colleagues to share best practice
  • One to One Parent Meetings - conducted by pastoral and inclusion leaders to support individual pupils’ needs
  • Primary School Meetings - plus mentor sessions with all new Year 7s to support the transition process
  • Settling in groups -to provide additional time for vulnerable students
  • Induction Day - to familiarise children with their new surroundings and routines
  • An Induction Evening - to support the concerns and queries of our parents/carers
  • A Summer School - linked with the local cluster support, to provide a week long summer school
  • Links - to a variety of community and national educational schemes that can provide further help and guidance to your child.

It is important to us that we meet your child as quickly as possible  before they join us in September. Often we recognise many familiar faces from the workshops, but as soon as we get our list from the local authority we arrange visits to all our feeder schools.

The Transition Team will meet with the children and play a variety of ice breaking games, all with the focus of settling nerves and answering the many myths!

How do I get food?

How will I know what uniform to wear?

What do I do if I get lost?

We also give them plenty of valuable advice about lessons, equipment and general arrangements in school. At the same time the team speak to your child’s classroom teacher to gather vital information about achievement and progress that will aid their move to secondary school.

As well as working with the primary schools we are keen to build relationships with parents too. If you have concerns or questions about your child that you feel would be best addressed in an individual meeting then please do contact us. We are always happy to accommodate a one to one parent/carer meeting and also offer settling in groups to those that require further support. 

We make no apologies for setting high expectations at Lawnswood and we ensure that our Year 7 students are fully supported to meet these. During the Induction Days, students will have the opportunity to meet their form tutors, go on a tour of the building, experience learning at Lawnswood and find out how to be a success at secondary school.

In the evening event for parents and carers, you will have the opportunity to meet the Senior Leadership Team and the Year 7 Pastoral Team. They will welcome you, as parents, to the Lawnswood Community, share with you our vision and ethos and invite you to join a partnership that will allow your child to thrive.

We feel strongly that the transition process doesn’t end in July, it continues throughout Year 7. As a start we welcome the opportunity to share your child’s progress at our Settling In Evening in the first term. Obviously, our Transition Team are available by telephone, email or appointment at school, should you wish to discuss your child at any time.