Important notice:School will close to students on Monday 30 May 2022 for the Summer mid term holiday. The school office will re-open on Monday 6 June at 7.45am. If you have a safeguarding concern, please email or contact us via the school website contact form.

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Embed confidence; fuel ambition.

Embed confidence; fuel ambition.

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For Parents and Carers


At Lawnswood School, we firmly believe that one of the key components of good behaviour is a strong working relationship between the school and parents. 

We would like to give parents some information about our approach to managing student behaviour.  Hopefully, as a result of this, you will be better informed and therefore better equipped to work with us to ensure that your child reaches his/her full potential.

We would be grateful if you could take some time to read through the following information and discuss it with your child so that we are all clear about the expectations, strategies, rewards and sanctions in our Behaviour Policy and Rewarding Achievement documents.

School Expectations

All students, staff, parents and governors should be aware of the six key school expectations:

  • Arrive at all lessons on time and ready to learn
  • Follow all instructions from school staff first time, every time
  • Be polite and show respect for others at all times
  • Show respect for the school environment, personal property and the wider community
  • Wear the correct uniform at all times
  • Walk calmly and sensibly around school, keeping to the left

The school aims to promote high standards of behaviour, self-discipline and learning through positive encouragements and rewards.

These rewards include:

  • Positive commendations on SIMS (our student database)
  • Text messages, emails hone and postcards home
  • Certificates
  • Weekly celebration in assemblies

Preventative measures and intervention strategies

  • Our Inclusion Team works with students at risk of exclusion and with a wide variety of behavioural issues.
  • Parenting Contracts will be employed with the parents of students who persistently misbehave and have an adverse effect on the learning of others.
  • Personalised action plans will be discussed with individual students and their family.

What are the consequences for poor behaviour?

Poor behaviour results in students not learning and, therefore, not making progress: this will not be tolerated.

  • Staff are asked to ensure ‘certainty of action’ when dealing with breaches of discipline.  An appropriate sanction, even if it is a simple reprimand, will always follow poor behaviour.
  • Detentions – these take place after school. The school can enforce an after school detention provided parents are made aware.
  • For more serious offences, students may receive time in Internal Exclusion. In this room, students work on their own and in silence for the whole day. Students remain in Internal Exclusion for breaks and lunchtimes.
  • We may send students to other secondary schools to serve their period in Internal Exclusion.
  • Fixed term exclusion means that a student is formally excluded from the premises for a period of time, usually up to 5 days. It is the legal responsibility of parents to supervise the child for the duration of the exclusion.
  • Permanent exclusion means that a student is permanently excluded from the premises. This can be used for a severe single incident or a build up of negative behaviour.

Parents and community groups

We are keen to work with parents in all the communities we serve. We attend meetings with parents’ groups and community groups to discuss our approach to behaviour.  This is proving to be very successful and creates better relationships between home and school.

Help and support for parents and carers

We have a wide range of people available to help parents and carers with any issues they might have.  Please ring the school to seek an appointment to meet with them, or speak to them.