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Jo BellHeadteacher's Update

As we all continue to enjoy and suffer (in equal measure) the exceptionally warm weather, I am pleased to bring you the last update of this academic year.

Last week’s Art and Design Exhibition on Thursday was really well attended and includes a genuinely fascinating and inspirational selection of student work.

We also had Induction Days for the new intake of Year 7 students joining us in September. If you have any younger children who were involved last week, I trust they had a fabulous couple of days and are now well informed and excited to start in September.

Sports Day – Tuesday 17 July

We’re looking forward to sports day this year. The day will include a wide range of sports and activities for students to experience and promises to be a fun and participation-centred event, with a competitive element to providing some extra motivation for students to do their best.

Students will have a slightly later start to their day on Sports Day; they should arrive for registration in their form room for 9.00am. Students should arrive at school already wearing their PE kit (red Lawnswood shirt, black bottoms and trainers) and they will be asked to leave bags and other belongings in their form room.

If the weather continues to be as warm as it is at the moment, we recommend that you consider sending more drink or ensure your child can buy more drink than for a normal school day, as it is likely students will spend more time than usual outdoors.

Lunch facilities will be available as usual. There will presentations after the event at 1.45pm and students will begin to be released at 2.00pm to go home.

School meal prices from September

In the next academic year, the price of a school meal will be £2.30 for secondary school students. This is an increase of 5p on this year’s price.

Donations please!

Further to my email update two weeks ago, I hope you don’t mind that I repeat the following message.

As you will appreciate, we like to keep spare uniform items at school for students who forget their uniform and for students who are new to the school and the country. If you do have any spare uniform that you could donate to us (especially ties, blazers, trousers and shirts), we would be pleased to receive it.

Similarly, if you have any GCSE or A level revision guides that are no longer needed, we would be able to put them to very good use.

Uniform and school equipment requirements from September

If you are buying new uniform items for September, please ensure that they meet the requirements of our formal uniform policy (school uniform policy).

We find that choosing a suitable style of trousers and shoes causes uncertainty for some parents. Both trousers and shoes should be plain black and formal. There are images of appropriate school shoes in our website’s uniform section: acceptable school shoe styles

You can buy school uniform from two providers:

  • Rawcliffes Schoolwear Centre, 617 Roundhay Road, Leeds LS8 4AR Telephone: 0113 249 4025

Email: leedsrawcliffes@gmail.com www.schoolwearsolutions.com

  • Whittakers Schoolwear, 3 - 5 Town Street, Farsley, Leeds LS28 SEN Telephone: 0113 256 6020


We expect all students to bring the following items to every lesson:

  • An A3 size, strong, waterproof bag, big enough to carry several books
  • Their student planner
  • A pencil case containing at least three black pens, a green pen, a purple pen, three pencils, a pencil sharpener and an eraser
  • A 30cm ruler
  • A scientific calculator – CASIO fx85-GT plus
  • A reading book

Note: We don’t allow Tipp-Ex or similar correction products in school

Term dates next year

Attached is a calendar of term dates, training days and holidays for the next academic year.

Calendar 2018 - 2019

Water safety messages from Yorkshire Water and West Yorkshire Fire & Rescue Service: Reservoir safety

In this current hot weather people are often tempted to cool down by taking a swim in our reservoirs. However, cold water can be a killer and we'd like to raise awareness of these risks amongst young people. Cold water shock can lead to hyperventilation, increased blood pressure, breathing difficulties and heart attacks plus water temperatures remain just as cold in summer as in winter.

Everyone who falls unexpectedly into cold water wants to follow the same instinct; to swim hard and to fight the cold water. Unfortunately, however, cold water shock makes you gasp uncontrollably and breathe in water, which can quickly lead to drowning.

If you find yourself unexpectedly in the water, the message is to float until the cold water shock has passed and you will be able to control your breathing and have a far better chance of staying alive.

What to do if someone falls into deep water

  • Call for help – immediately. Call 999, ask for fire service and ambulance. The emergency services will need to know where you Accurate information can save precious minutes. If you have a smart phone and have location services or map tool enabled, this can help.
  • Don’t hang up – stay on the line but try and continue to help the person if
  • Never ever enter the water to try and save someone. This usually ends up adding to the problem. If you go into the water you are likely to suffer from cold
  • Can the person help themselves? Shout to them ‘Swim to me’. The water can be disorientating and hearing you shout can give them a
  • Look around for any lifesaving equipment. Depending on where you are, there might be lifebelts or throw bags – use them. If they are attached to a rope, make sure you have secured or are holding the end of the rope so you can pull them
  • If there is no lifesaving equipment look for anything else you could use. There may be something that can help them stay afloat – even an item such as a ball can
  • You could attempt to reach out to them. Clothes such as scarves can be used to try and reach or a long stick. If you do this, lay on the ground so your entire body is safely on the edge and reach out with your arm. Don’t stand up or lean over the water; you may get pulled
  • Be mindful that if the water is cold, the person may struggle to grasp an object or hold on when being pulled

For more information, visit:

http://www.rlss.org.uk/water-safety/drowning-prevention-week/ https://rnli.org/

or watch these YouTube videos:

Dates for your diary or for information:

  • Thursday 12 July: Friends of Lawnswood meeting from 00pm in school. All welcome.
  • Thursday 12 July: Year 12 Induction Day (for current Year 11s)
  • Tuesday 17 July: Sports Day
  • Friday 20 July: School (and the school year) ends for students from 30pm

As this is my final update of the academic year, I would like to thank you for your support this year. It has been a successful year for the school once again and we look forward to celebrating with our students on their GCSE and A level results days in Augusts.

Finally, I wish you and your family a wonderful and relaxing summer and I look forward to seeing your child / children back with us in September.

Yours faithfully

Mrs J Bell Headteacher

Lawnswood School continues to be a good school!

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