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Year 8 Let’s Talk Careers

For the past few weeks, during our Extended Provision Programme, Year 8 have been discussing careers. Amongst other things, they’ve discussed what employers look for in an employee and what jobs areas are growing in the future to enable our pupils to make well informed career decisions.

Our pupils came to understand that a career is a series of roles and jobs that are connected by transferable skills and that life- long learning and personal development support career progression.

Today, we were thrilled to have a group of volunteers coming to discuss their own career paths with our pupils.


  • Jennifer Gavin, Business Consultant from Fujitsu
  • Simon Craig, local Mortgage Manager at Halifax
  • Michael Evans from Trimble
  • Tim Foster, a Biomedical scientist

Our volunteers were pleased with the engagement of our pupils and the relevant questions they asked.

Our form tutors were impressed by our volunteers’ presentations and found the sessions “very informative”.

Doctor Wright, Form Tutor of 8CWR said: “Our visitors gave really interesting talks to the students, and 8CWR asked some really interesting questions and listened very respectfully.  It has been a really useful session for the students and hopefully will give them more to think about regarding their future careers.”

Pupils said they felt more confident about what it meant to have a career and understood that skills were as important as qualifications.

Lawnswood School continues to be a good school!

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