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Year 8 Inter-Form Competition

Since September, Lawnswood School's Year 8 have been continually competing in the Year 8 Interform competition. An on-going competition that awards points based on weekly rankings for form attendance and number of commendations as well as a weekly challenge where every pupil represents there form at least once during a term.

These events are extremely mixed and include a range of academic, creative, sporting, gaming and commitment elements.

The competition works by giving between 1 to 7 points for highest attendance each week, 1 to 7 points for most commendations each week and 0 to 20 points for the weekly challenge. The team winning the weekly challenge gets 20 points whilst the team that finishes 7th gets 8 points. However if a form fails to put in a competitor than the form gets zero points. Fortunately this has happened very rarely.

The competition is extremely fierce whilst remaining good natured. The standings at the end of Half Term 3 were:

8CAT    438

8AST    430

8LHU    392

8RRE    378

8LTE    339

8MRE   324

8NAR    283

With many competitions still to come this half term such as a Science Quiz, Badminton Tournament, 5-A-Side Football, Film Quiz and Maths competition there are plenty more opportunities for the league table to change and a form to become the inaugural Lawnswood Year 8 Interform Champions!

A full list of competitions and winners is below:

Geography Quiz won by 8CAT James Houlton, Sophia Catchpole, Lily Park

Jenga won by 8LTE Sufyaan Mahmood

Tennis Ball Throw won by 8NAR Daanyaal Hussain

Music Quiz won by 8MRE Ella-Mae Kilbride, Eve Clarkson, Emma Coxon

Prime Number Quiz won by 8LTE Jay Bishop

Wii Bowling won by 8AST Maya Claybourn, Roger Degl'Innocenti, Breixo Pas Doce, Jess Woolmer, Archie Willis, Max White

Chess won by 8LHU Anas Rasoul

Sports Quiz won by 8LHU Oliver Dowling, Jermaine Ashby, Leon Mason

Paper Plane Competition won by 8AST Shabaan Ali Nisar

History Quiz won by 8MRE Adeeb Abushal, Isabella West, Kim Banning,

Connect 4 won by 8CAT Manvir Heera

Disney Quiz won by 8AST Fatma Elgerbi, Hannah Guthrie

Test of Strength won by 8NAR Tiago Fernandes-Bradbury

Baking won by 8CAT Lily Park, Eve Goff

Short Story Competition won by 8CAT/8LHU Sajal Rehman/Ali Martin


Lawnswood School continues to be a good school!

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