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Year 8 celebrates its achievements

Our Year 8 students have been celebrating recently, when more than one hundred of them were awarded with a certificate or prize.

website Year 8 photo dec 2017

As you know, students’ attendance is crucial to their progress in school.  Some students achieve 100 percent attendance and are never late to registration or a lesson all year round.  This term, many Year 8s have achieved it so far and are hot on the heels of their 100% attending predecessors.  All our perfect attenders were thanked and acknowledged with a certificate for their attendance and punctuality to date.

With regard to student conduct, we have a Zero Club for students who receive only positive commendations (and zero cautions).  Mr Carey, Deputy Headteacher was delighted to reward the great conduct of many Year 8s with entry to this term’s Zero Club.

As students accumulate positive commendations for their conduct and achievement in school, they can be award Bronze, Silver and Gold Awards.  Already this term, we have congratulated the following students in Year 8 with their Bronze Award for commendations:

  • Siraj Chohan
  • Rory Brown  
  • Robyn Walker          
  • Wiktoria Handzlik    
  • Haiqi Man     

Well done to them!

Finally, each month, we nominate a student in every year group as Student of the Month.  November’s Year 8 winner was Rory Brown, for his continued efforts, punctuality, excellent attendance and engagement with form time activities. Rory has had many commendations from a number of different subject areas.  Congratulations, Rory!

Thank you and well done to all the Year 8 students who were recognised in our celebration assembly at the end of autumn term.


Lawnswood School continues to be a good school!

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