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“Othello” and Y13 come to Harrogate

When a production of your challenging Shakespeare A Level text comes to town you must seize the opportunity.

With high hopes that this adaptation would bring the complex Moor’s emotional adventures to life, Y13 gave up their Saturday to visit Harrogate Theatre.

A modern and diverse production with a minimalist set, combined with music and dance, allowed for  easy and engaging viewing.  The young actor playing the lead, Othello, was convincing throughout especially when approaching his demise – clearly the tragic hero – allowing the audience to empathise with him. In contrast the Geordie Roderigo added a light hearted tone to the play along with the wild drunken soldiers’ party shocking some elements of the audience.

Although Desdemona appeared nervous at the beginning, as the play progressed, her character became more believable and confident offering, along with Emilia, a strong representation of women. The only real disappointment was the weak portrayal of Iago presenting the audience with a jealous husband rather than an evil mastermind.

All in all, well worth seeing and certainly beneficial for helping us comment upon other views and interpretations in our exam.

Lawnswood School continues to be a good school!

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