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national-poetry-day-2019NATIONAL POETRY DAY
3rd October
Poetry Writing Competition

A massive “thank you” for the large number of entries for Lawnswood’s National Poetry Day Competition on the topic of “Truth”. 

The quality of work entered this year was hugely impressive.  Some highly commended poems included:  Django Ensor’s (9KDL) haiku poem “Truth is like a Fox”;  Alina Tahir’s (7LWE) “The Upsetting Truth About You”, and Andrew Buckley’s (10VHO) “Now It’s Time for Change”

The winning poem was written by Mia Hayter (7JMC). Her poem, “Sometimes I Don’t Tell The Truth” an honest dissection of the reality of truth in everyday day life. It asks the question “Can you be a good person and lie?” A well-crafted piece Mia.  She wins an Amazon voucher for her hard work. Well done!

Sometimes I Don’t Tell the Truth

I have to tell you,

Sometimes I don’t always tell the truth.

Sometimes I lie

Although I don’t cry

I don’t always tell the truth


Sometimes I don’t tell the truth.

I believe in equality

I love reading

I adore animals

But sometimes I don’t tell the truth.


It’s only sometimes,

Like I can’t be bothered to clean my teeth,

Or practice the saxophone,

Or walk the dog,

Most of the time I tell the truth.


It’s mostly white lies,

Not anything big

Maybe I forgot

Maybe I lost something

But sometimes I don’t tell the truth.


By Mia Hayter 7JMC

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