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Wild About Lawnswood

Wild about Lawnswood

Student work inspired by this project

My Story

Have you ever heard an interesting story about a tiger living in a zoo?  Well, this is a short story just for you.It will tell you an exciting tale of a tremendous tiger that lives in Colchester Zoo.

I, the biggest tiger in the zoo, was strolling up and down the zoo with my head held high and my throat growling slowly and deeply.  Surprisingly, nobody was scared of me, maybe because I act like a clown.Maybe because I made a fool of myself, which is most of the time!

Unfortunately, one afternoon, I found out that there was one person who often came to the zoo.  In fact, he came here every day!As he strolled past, I grabbed the chance to have a long gaze, until he vanished round the corner.I was suspicious.What was he doing to the zoo?Is he going to endanger the tigers?Most importantly, is he going to harm me?

I didn’t know the answers, but I decided to find them!  After a couple of days, I had worked out a plan.Since I am special, I can communicate with all the animals in the zoo.Calling to all the animals to listen to me, I told them to look out for a man wearing sunglasses and his hair sticking out of a black hat.He wears a white shirt, black trousers, black waistcoat and white tie, with polished black shoes and white socks.He has a magnifying glass in his shirt pocket and a notebook and pen in his hand.After my half hour lecture, we were on the lookout.If one of us saw him, we would communicate it to the others.Brilliant plan!

Firstly, the mad monkeys saw him out of the corner of their eyes and yapped out noisily.  After another five minutes, the leopard started snarling loudly and, after that, nearly all of the animals in the zoo had seen the mysterious man, except the elephants, the meerkats and the tigers.

Finally, after what seemed like an hour, the elephants and tigers saw him.  Immediately, the meerkats knew what their role was.As soon as the man passed them, a meerkat (the Empire of Meerkats) sprinted through a hole in the fence and followed him, creeping silently.The meerkat lost the man and rapidly searched for him.Eventually, he found him in the Jumbo Café, writing something in his notebook.Scampering towards the entrance door, the meerkat pushed open the door and raced to the man’s table.As soon as the meerkat reached the table, the man stood up and strolled to the toilet, leaving his notebook on the table.The meerkat scrambled up onto the table and, in the notebook, he read “Elise, the tiger, is the best in the zoo.If you want to come to see her, telephone 0123 4567890 or book a ticket at Colchester Zoo”.The meerkat quickly climbed off the table, sprinted through the door and ran all the way to me.He instantly blurted out all that he had read and that he thought the man was a journalist.

So he is a journalist!  That is why he came to visit us every day.Soon, I was the queen of the zoo again, thanks to the journalist and I was famous (also thanks to the journalist)!

I am the happiest tiger in the zoo!  It is the best place to be.

Dalbir Randhawa, 7LPA

I wonder…

I wonder what it’s like to be a bird

Trapped helplessly in a cage, to not be free, to be stuck with the same

Routine day after day.

Or is it fun being with all your friends

With food supplies that will never end?

Do they dream to fly away free?

To have long journeys of migration to

Another country.

Or is it safer to have a permanent home

Rather than face predators, weather and

Being left on your own?

Hannah Whitaker, 7LPA

Tiger Poem

Once pure gold I roamed free,

Across a savannah in triumph,

Everyone knew my name,

I wasn’t afraid to admit it,

That I was the most spectacular,

That I was the most loved

In the whole of the wide savannah.

A party arose one evening

To celebrate my newborn,

And as it drew to a close,

Three monkey men pranced

Right upon my cub,

With knives as sharp as a bull’s horn.

I leapt, fell down, into darkness…

I awoke to the sound of metal

Clanging into fresh meat,

A yelp of dying anger,

As my newborn fell in to a sleep

Unlike any other,

Defined as the end,

I had to survive…

Torches of a red flower scarred me,

Deep into my fur,

Screams of anguish,

Screams of love,

My glorious fur was singed,

As dark as a clear sky

In the deepest depths of the night…

Mair Cave, 7LPa

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