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Spanish trip, a great success

A brilliant trip was taken during the half term holiday, to Spain, have a read of the following student reviews.  Thank you to all the staff that gave up their holiday to make this visit such a huge success.


During the February half term myself along with students from different Spanish classes and three teachers went to Renedo, which is a small rural village in Cantabria. We spent a week with different Spanish families experiencing their life style and their culture.

The family I stayed with were warm and welcoming. I have learned that when you greet women in Spain you have to kiss both sides of the cheek but in mid-air! This shows your respect and politeness for each other. Men would usually shake hands when you greet them. The family were lovely they did their best to make me feel at home. They were all very humorous, even the parents, who did not know as much English as my Spanish partner.

The next morning I went to a very windy stadium to watch my partner play football. On the weekend we had planned to spend it with our Spanish families, however all the English students meet and we visited Santander, which had beautiful beaches, memorising monuments and interesting cafes. The cafes served melted bars of chocolate as hot chocolate, which was wonderful.

On Sunday I went to ‘Las Cuevas’ the caves. It was quite interesting and I was able to learn things from the Spanish tour guide. We also went to the river and had the traditional Spanish dessert ‘Churros con chocolate.’ The highlight of my week was the Spanish food I ate traditional food such as Paella, rabas (squid) and tapas.

On Monday we went to a zoo and I enjoyed the memorable scenic journey there and on Tuesday we visited Bilbao and had a wonderful day in the Guggenheim museum and the city itself.

The best trip was on Thursday when we visited ‘Picos de Europe’ (peaks of Europe) which were mountains topped with crisp snow. However the weather was warm and sunny reaching 24 degrees. We travelled by coach and in a cable car, which some people found scary, especially the height of the mountains. We then went to look at the gift shops which had lots of expensive things!

We left on Friday and visiting the school again and took photos with our partner students them. Overall I enjoyed this trip.



During February half term a group of students and I visited the village of Renedo de Pialagos, which is near Santander in Spain. Each of us stayed with students from the school who had visited Leeds in November. We spent the week experiencing Spanish life-style, schooling and seeing some amazing sights.

The family I stayed with, did everything they could to make me feel comfortable and at home. For the whole week they were kind and I felt very relaxed and welcome.

Throughout the weekend the families had arranged activities for us all too. On Saturday we went to visit the beautiful city of Santander, and we enjoyed looking around the independent shops, beaches and the interesting cafes. On Sunday a group of the Spanish students arranged for us to go to a pretty village in the mountains and we tried traditional Chorros with chocolate, which were delicious!

I had a wonderful weekend filled with trips to interesting place and very tasty Spanish food!  During the school week, we visited a wildlife park, the City of Bilbao and even went up mountains. I especially enjoyed the freedom we were given to explore the Guggenheim Museum and the amazing city of Bilbao itself. I also really liked the breath-taking views from the Picos de Europa (Peaks of Europe) - it was an incredible experience.

A strange highlight from the trip would be the coach journeys - the routes were very scenic and we had lots of fun listening to Spanish 'Regatone' and playing games to pass the time.

I spent two days experiencing Spanish School.  The lessons were mostly in Spanish, however they did PE in English and Philosophy in French to help the students study language which I though was a very good idea.

Even though the school days were packed with lessons, when we returned to Renedo the Spanish students took us on more outings such as visiting Santander again, shopping and going to see Spanish films. The weather was also amazing, it was sunny most days with highs of 24 degrees and it really enhanced the trip!

Overall, I had a fantastic week and thoroughly enjoyed every moment. I was so tired from all the activities, but I did not want it to end. I will miss my Spanish partner so much. It was an unforgettable experience and possibly one of the best weeks of my life - I will cherish the trip forever and I would highly recommend the exchange to anyone taking Spanish for GCSE.

Mia Tyson Ritchie

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