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Scientists on tour: Geneva February 2018

We had an action-packed 4 days in Geneva visiting museums, parks and parts of the city. We travelled by plane, bus, tram, boat, water taxi, and on foot; everyone enjoyed the many different experiences that we had. Here are some thoughts from our students on their experiences:

We visited CERN where we saw two different but interesting exhibits. The first one, called “Microcosm”, showcased how the Large Hadron Collider works and the different stages that were integral in this process. We learnt about the 4 different detectors within the LHC, and how they’ve all been key to discovering new particles. As A Level Physics students, we thought it was amazing to witness the science we’ve learnt over the last two years being applied in real life situations to make new discoveries in the field. The second exhibition called “Universe of Particles”, utilised interactive screens and short videos to further explain the science behind the Large Hadron Collider. We thoroughly enjoyed our experience visiting CERN, and definitely feel the visit has enhanced our knowledge and interest in the subject.

Niamh Mitchell and Emily Dewhurst

The cruise of the mermaid was a real splash! The sun shimmered light beautifully across the lake, tranquil and clear. The blue blended beautifully into darker (and also lighter) colours and the sky complimented it perfectly. For safety, we kept away from the edge and luckily, no one was injured. We made the treacherous journey to the front of the boat where we were greeted by an awe-inspiring view of mountains and water, and trees. A lot of water and trees. And mountains. We were informed by the helpful speaker voice of the many fish that inhabited the water. We saw none. We bathed in the rich history of Geneva and witnessed the majestic castle near the statue of the mermaid- the highlight of the tour. Also there was a cool water fountain.

Mariam Ramzan, Melissa Dixon , Ammaarah Hussain

The way the Red Cross Museum was set out was really lovely! All the exhibits were not only fun, different and interesting, but incredibly informative too. The audio guides were helpful and interactive, meaning we could take in all the information at our own pace. Everything else too, in fact, was interactive, resulting in a thoroughly enjoyable visit; I think the favourite was the interactive building game and the touch-sensitive colour wall. It was very pleasant and there is something for all ages. Ingrid Davies

After waking up on our third day we headed to the history of science museum. It was very interesting to find out about the development of scientific technology. The different methods of image drawing we learned about were quite fascinating, for example the prism light box. We had a competition between ourselves to see who could use it to do the best drawing and surprisingly the only people who do art were the worst ?. Also, the advancements in space discovery were really impressive and cool to look at.

Matlock, Ian & Drev

At the natural history museum we found Janus the two headed tortoise, and Lucy, a statue of the supposed first human. After that I walked round looking at fish and stuffed rodents. It was fun.

Matt M

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