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Primary transition

What our students, parents and feeder Primary Schools have to say...

Thank you for inviting us again I really enjoyed last time and this time I got to meet the Headteacher THANK YOU SO MUCH.”

Kirkstall Valley Primary School

“Dear Lawnswood School, Thank you for letting us come to your school.

We walked through massive rooms and down really long hallways but I can’t wait to come back really soon. We had fun today!”

Cookridge Primary

“We are happy with the on going partnership we have going with Lawnswood and look forward to it continuing!”

Primary Headteacher

“My daughter is at Shire Oak Primary School and they were visited by the Lawnswood  Transition Team today. She has come home saying what a fun time she had and how she can’t wait to go to Lawnswood. The welcome pack is also veryimpressive—especially the Welcome to Year 7 Booklet”

Lawnswood is a very exciting school. There are lots of new things that can happen and it is much fun with lots of things to learn. It is very easy to get use to and find your way around.”


“Life in Year 7 is good, teachers can be strict if you are bad but if you are good the teachers will be good to you! Work is hard in school but do not be scared if you get stuck just put your hand up.”

Courtney 7FG

“Please don’t be scared! It’s very exciting when you get here. There are a lot of things going on so you do not get bored. Be calm, it is fun and there is a lot of kindness about. The teachers and food are nice and it gets easier to learn.”

Hira 7

Best ever Key Stage 5 Results!

43% of all A-level/BTEC results at A/A* or Distinction/Distinction*.

99% Pass rate.

28% of A level students achieved A levels at grades AAB or higher in at least 2 ‘facilitating subjects’.

Well done to all our students!