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poppyPoppy Selling

On Tuesday 6th November Lawnswood went further to support this year’s RBL Poppy Appeal. Two Lawnswood students, Julia Kozak and Emily Sproule went to Waitrose in Meanwood to sell poppies.

Whilst we were there, we were lucky enough to meet Montague ‘Monty’ Woods who worked in the Anti Aircraft Artillery Regiment during the Second World War. Monty told us about his experiences with the German ‘doodlebugs’ – V1 and V2 rockets that the Germans sent over to bomb Britain.  Apparently RAF fighters had to knock the doodlebugs off course so they crash landed in the marshes of East Anglia. It was incredible to hear how individuals like Monty made a difference. Hopefully the fundraising we completed today can make a difference in the lives of veterans and their families.

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