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Teaching, Learning & Assessment

At Lawnswood school we recognise the importance of regular assessment to drive up standards in teaching & learning.  Please see the following document which explains our approach to assessment across the school >>

It is essential that all students are given the opportunity to develop and apply a range of skills in their learning in order to become a great learner.

Great learners communicate well; they enjoy reading, listen carefully to others, put effort into writing and can share their ideas with others.

Great learners show commitment; they are self-motivated and know that effort means progress. They take responsibility for their own learning

Great learners are curious; they are interested in finding out about new things. They explore issues or problems from different perspectives.

Great learners show confidence; they are not afraid to ‘fail’ and try again They have self-belief and trust in their own efforts.

Great learners are creative; they choose from a range of strategies to tackle problems. They try out alternatives and follow through on ideas.

Great learners collaborate; they know that working with others helps to develop everybody’s understanding. They show consideration for others.

Great learners celebrate learning; they engage actively with learning and reflect on their own successes. They look for positives and evaluate their experiences.

A common narrative of great teaching_outline.pdf (1.5MB)

Ofsted Inspection October 2013 – Some key quotes

"Good and outstanding teaching was observed in every key stage within the school. This promoted effective learning, positive relationships and allowed students to make a strong contribution to their own learning and progress."

"In the very best lessons, teachers used their good subject knowledge to set work at the right level for students in their classes and extend students’ understanding of their work. In these lessons, all students made good, and some made outstanding, progress."

"The proportion of good and outstanding teaching has risen steadily over time according to the schools’ accurate and detailed records."

"Teaching in the sixth form is consistently strong and no teaching was observed that was less than good. This good teaching enabled students to learn independently and take responsibility for their own progress."

"Marking is thorough and helps students understand what they need to do next to improve their work. Target grades are well understood by students and consistently referred to in teachers’ written and verbal feedback."

Lawnswood School continues to be a good school!

See our recent Ofsted feedback here >>