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Welcome to the Governing Body section of our school website.  I hope you find it interesting and that you’ll take a little time to learn more about us and the job we do.

Margaret Hamlet
Chair of Governors

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To get in touch with any of our governors, please email victoria.wright@elawnswood.co.uk and mark your message 'for the attention of [name of the governor you wish to contact]'

The Role of the Governing Body

The School Governance (Roles, Procedures and Allowances) (England) Regulations 2013 make it clear that the Headteacher is responsible for the educational performance of the school and for the internal organisation, management and control of the school, including the performance management of staff.

The Governing Body’s role is to hold the Headteacher to account for exercising her professional judgement in these matters and for the performance of all of her other duties. Having advised the Governing Body, the Headteacher must comply with any reasonable direction given by it.

The Governing Body has three core functions:

  • Setting the vision and strategic direction
  • Holding the Headteacher and her senior leadership team to account for the educational performance of the school
  • Ensuring financial health, probity and value for money

How our governors are appointed:

Parent governors are elected by the parents of students in school.

LA governor is nominated by the Local Authority.

Co-opted governors are appointed by the Governing Body.

Staff governor is elected by the staff of the school.

Associate members are appointed by the Governing Body.

The Headteacher holds an ex-officio position.

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Margaret Hamlet

Co-opted Governor

Chair of Governors

I joined Lawnswood School’s Governing Body in December 2010.  During my time as a governor I have worked closely with the leadership team and been involved in Ofsted inspections, monitoring visits and linked with LA representatives.  

Before becoming a governor, I was Headteacher in a multicultural secondary school.  Since leaving that position, I have worked as an educational consultant, working in schools across the country in a support and challenge role. This work also involved me in the recruitment and selection of headteachers and senior leadership.

For a number of years, I delivered national training programmes to prospective headteachers and middle leaders across Yorkshire and Humberside.  

In addition to my work in schools, I have also been an Interim Deputy Director of Children’s Services as well as working as a Project Manager within education. This involved me working closely with the Department for Education, Local Authorities and Councillors.  I am currently also a local leader of Governance.  

I decided to become a governor because I wanted to remain actively involved in education. I am very committed to improving the life chances of young people and feel that my background and experiences within education have given me the skills and expertise to support schools.

Sylvia Lunn

Coopted Governor

I am happily retired after a thirty eight year career in education and joined the governing body in January 2019.   During my career, I worked variously as a teacher, with roles in school management, then as a school adviser, Ofsted inspector, School Improvement Partner and National Challenge Adviser.  These roles were rewarding, challenging and stimulating and all had a clear focus on improving the life chances of children.

My three children all happily attended their local state primary and secondary schools.

I will work hard to support the leaders of Lawnswood School to become the best that it can be for the benefit of all local children.

Mr Alex Barrie

Local Authority governor

In January 2013, I became a parent governor at Lawnswood School, seeking the opportunity to contribute to the continuing development of my local secondary school.  I became the local authority governor on the governing body at the end of 2016.  I am a Chartered Engineer and also possess professional qualifications in management, having worked across many aspects of the IT and telecommunications industries for over thirty years.  These skills and experiences are directly applicable to my role as a governor, and I am an active member of the governing body, with specific governance responsibilities for safeguarding and finance.  I have also personally contributed to various career events held within the school.

Mr Jeremy Willis

Coopted Governor

I first became a governor at Lawnswood School as a parent governor in February 2016 and am currently a coopted governor.

Just like every other parent and carer involved with the school, I really want all the children to get the best possible education; be happy and confident in their environment; and for the school to continue improving.

I have been a governor at a local primary school for many years and have been on regular governor training over that period, recently receiving my certificate from the National College of Teaching and Leadership.

As a governor, I’m not afraid to ask the ‘silly question’ and I definitely don’t know it all, but I do try to bring ideas and commitment!

Having been a musician and writer of music as well as running my own music based companies for the last 30 years, I have considerable experience in business, marketing, management, negotiation and, above all, working with a huge variety of different people.

I have lived in this community all my working life and would like to contribute to its continual improvement and development.

There are a lot of challenges facing education and I want to do my best to support the school and community to get the best possible outcomes for all students.

Mr Arthur Keys

Coopted governor    

I became a governor in the Autumn 2015 after graduating from University of Leeds with a BSc Mathematics degree. Whilst I am still building my professional acumen and experience, I feel that, as a recent product of the education system, I can bring a fresh perspective to the Governing Body. I am currently working for HMRC as a tax professional and, wherever possible, apply my financial skill set to the benefit of the Governing Body.

I am the link governor for Special Educational Needs and Disability (SEND), about which I feel extremely passionate.  In the past, I have provided both maths tutoring for a student with cerebral palsy and been a personal assistant for a man with Asperger syndrome.  I hope to celebrate the great work that already goes on at the school whilst also striving to improve the outcomes for students at Lawnswood.

Mr Martin Groom

Parent Governor

I became a parent governor following election in Spring 2018. I am interested in promoting resilience and psychological wellbeing at Lawnswood and in further strengthening lines of communication between home and school.  I am particularly interested in considering how information technology may be used at Lawnswood to set, communicate and monitor homework tasks. I am a state registered Occupational Therapist with experience of working for CAMHS and currently work as an accredited Cognitive and Behavioural Therapist for the NHS. I have experience of research, teaching and delivering training in resilience.  I sit on the Leeds Mind Mate Professionals panel providing advice to promote good mental health for children and young people in Leeds. I live locally. My son started at Lawnswood in 2017. My hobbies include mountain biking, running and playing the piano.

Mrs Maggie Beech

Staff Governor

I entered the teaching profession relatively late in my working career and joined Lawnswood School to teach maths in 2010.  Nowadays, I work throughout school covering absent teachers, which gives me great opportunities to work in different departments with a variety of colleagues and to see how students react and behave in different subject areas.  Before teaching, I worked in scientific research at University of London, University of Washington and Sandoz Pharmaceuticals.

Our school has a wonderful community, where all members of staff work together to provide a safe, nurturing environment and to give every student an equal chance to achieve their potential. 

I feel passionate about comprehensive education and have a strong commitment to Lawnswood School.   I am keen to help our school maintain its high standards; meet future challenges; and continue to serve its diverse community of students.

Mrs Jo Bell

Staff governor - Headteacher

As Headteacher, I am automatically a member of the governing body.  However, my experience of governance started many years ago when I first went into teaching.I was one of the staff governors of both secondary schools in which I worked in Birmingham.I found it extremely useful professional development and it certainly helped me in my role as a senior leader when I left Birmingham to work in London.My connection with Lawnswood School’s governing body began when I joined the school as Deputy Headteacher in September 2012, as I asked to become an associate member to further my knowledge and understanding of governance.Once appointed to Headteacher in November 2014, I became a fully-fledged member.

My role on the governing body is slightly different to my fellow governors as, whilst I join in the strategic vision setting and have a voting right, I am also responsible for carrying out the day to day running of the school and am accountable to the governing body.

Mr Matt Garman

Coopted governor

I became a member of Lawnswood School governing body in 2012, as a parent governor and now as a coopted governor.  I currently have two children studying at Lawnswood School in Years 9 and 11..

My professional background and experience comes from working with children and young people in a variety of settings, within Leeds City Council.

I wanted to join the governing body to make a positive contribution to Lawnswood School and I look forward to being able to contribute to the school’s continued success.

Mrs Cathy Cammegh

Parent governor

I was elected as a governor after a ballot of parents and carers in January 2017.

Having been one of the few from my school to get to university, I understand the challenge of achieving potential and the huge impact that teachers can have on student outcomes. I also understand the importance of parental engagement and support for education.

Professionally, I have been practising as a corporate/commercial solicitor in private practice and in industry for over 20 years.  In addition to legal expertise, my work has given me experience and skills in many relevant areas, including negotiation, business management, public relations and marketing.

I have three children currently at Lawnswood School and a son who is now at Liverpool University and who also attended Lawnswood.  I've lived in and around Headingley since I moved to Leeds as a student over 30 years ago and I am keen to contribute positively to our school and our local community.

Ms Marnie Threapleton

Coopted governor

I feel passionately that each of us is good at something and that we all have a responsibility to support others wherever we can, to help identify and nurture those things at which we can excel. 

My current work includes business development strategy, operations strategy and consultancy in areas of business performance.  I am also an experienced scuba-diving instructor and find the connections I make (with children I teach and their parents) to be hugely rewarding.

I have found that my own experience of extracurricular activities at school, such as the Duke of Edinburgh’s Award, have proved invaluable throughout my life and have given me the confidence to find adventure, growth and great experiences. 

I became a governor in order to offer my experience and to help to inspire children to understand that anything is possible; I aim to help the school to support students in realising their potential.

Mrs Kathy Page

Coopted Governor

I have recently retired from working as the Health & Saftey Officer for Lawnswood School.  Prior to my 7 years in the school, I worked within Leeds City Council for 10 years and, prior to that, in banking and financial services.I feel hugely supportive of the school and its students and am pleased to be able to offer a positive contribution and the benefit of my transferable skills to being a governor.

Lawnswood School continues to be a good school!

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