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Years at Lawnswood
Jaafar Abbas

September 1999 - Summer 2007
I joined Lawnswood School in 1999 and, although I was terrified of being in a gigantic school, I quickly adapted and Lawnswood soon felt like home.  School was challenging for me and I worried a great deal about underachieving but my teachers put in many hours of extra effort to help me reach my target grades in maths, English and science.
My ambition at the time was to become a heart surgeon and Lawnswood staff were so supportive:  they got me a tutor from the NHS to help guide me to my dream.  I can’t describe my feelings when I found out how much effort had been made just to help me!
I succeeded in joining Lawnswood Sixth Form and had to plan my career route.   It was a difficult process and I had to be honest with myself and make some tough decisions. I chose subjects that I enjoyed or wanted to try - ICT, Biology, Psychology, Arabic and Law. I was inspired by my ICT teachers and changed my career path from medicine to computer science. I went on to gain a degree in computer science, followed by my postgraduate qualification as an ICT teacher.
It has been important to me to be able to teach and to give back some of the support that I was given when I was younger.
I now do some teaching at Lawnswood, alongside some of the teachers that taught me in my time.  Lawnswood is a unique school and even today I feel warmly welcomed and happy here.  The staff have such a positive attitude towards their profession and towards seeing students reach their goals, just as I did.  It has been great to see how proud my teachers at Lawnswood are to learn that I am now a teacher too.  Being at the school as an adult has   inspired me to do more for the school and the students here now.
I would like to take this opportunity to thank all the members of staff who worked hard to help me believe and achieve. To me, Lawnswood School is an amazing place that believes in its students, equal opportunity for every student and can help any student achieve success.  

Lawnswood School continues to be a good school!

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