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Poetry Competition Winners Certificate4th October

Poetry Writing Competition

A massive “thank you” for the large number of entries for Lawnswood’s National Poetry Day Competition on the topic of “Poetry for a Change”.  The quality of work entered this year was hugely impressive.  Some highly commended poems included:  Jaydeep Kaur’s (7SEL) metaphorical poem about a caterpillar turning into a butterfly;  Hawra Al Zoubeidi’s (8DME)skillfully, reflective poem on the nature of regret and Maria Balbo’s (7HAG) poem about the necessity of helping starving children.

The winning poem was written by Nancy Davies. Her poem describes the beauty of nature in a series of evocative images while also conveying its destructive properties. In a time of climate change and recent horrendous natural disasters it is particularly poignant.  Nancy produced an evocative, well crafted piece.  She wins an Amazon voucher for her hard work. Well done!

Poetry Competition Winner

Nancy Davies



From behind a dew covered hill of emeralds,

A ball of fire spilled its glory out onto the land.

The darkness rolled away into the distance,

And the night’s stars hid their hand.


Heads of colour bloomed, turning up to the heavens,

Watching as the sun soars to the sky.

The trees burst with abrupt song,

As the creatures of the air chose to fly.


But when the sky turned angry,

And the clouds filled with rage,

The tears of gods beat at the ground,

With thunder wrapping around like a cage.

In the end, after all had been and gone,

The darkness hugged what was all around,

Stars light the way for moonlit strolls

Not a single disturbance could be found.

Lawnswood School continues to be a good school!

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