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Maths Maths Maths! 

We are very pleased to report that the school and students did us proud again when we hosted the the Team Maths Challenge Regional Final:

The winners were Roundhay School, second place was Carr Manor and in our best finish for some years, we came in THIRD PLACE!

Many thanks to Jamie Hayter, Bobbi Walker in Year 9 and Matthew Burnell and Flora Martin in year 8.

It is one of the regional finals across the UK, and involved 26 schools including GSAL, Abbey Grange, Leeds City, Garforth Academy and Giggleswick, to name the most far flung.

The final consisted of three rounds, the first round was completed as a team of 4 mixed questions.

Round 2 was the cross number, a rather complex maths crossword puzzle completed in pairs answering either only the across or down clues, then combining the answers to fill the cross number puzzle.

Round three is the shuttle where the students work in pairs to complete a set of linked questions.

The last round is the shuttle, a relay where each pair completes a question then collects the next question for the next pair!

An exhausting but rewarding day for all, All the students enjoyed it and all staff were highly complimentary of the organisation, facilities and behaviour of students.I

On a separate note we are also celebrating student successes in the UK Intermediate Maths Challenge:

The results are in!

  • Year 11:  2 gold, 9 silver, 

  • Year 10: 3 gold, 2 silver, 4 bronze

  • Year 9: 1 gold, 4 silver, 1 bronze

Congratulations to 

  • Usmaan Ramzan

  • Safwaan Ramzan

  • Eryk Mocniak

Who were best in year, special congratulations to Eryk who was best in school.

Other Gold winners are:

  • Louie Dunsford

  • Ethan Meskin and Ruby Paechter

Silver Winners

  • Jamie Hayter

  • Phuong Vo

  • Bobbi Walker

  • Wiktoria Handzlik

  • Jude Stainton

  • Alex Daykin

  • James Pike

  • Bradley Simpson

  • Leszek Cygan

  • Billy Garman

  • Maisie Sansoya

  • Charlie Hoole

  • Tom Burkill


  • James Bos

  • Mair Cave

  • Tobias Rutter

  • Samuel Bos

  • Emma Coxon

  • Rooa Shuweihdi

  • Kamand Jahanshahlou

The following students have got through to the next level, the Kangaroos, which take place in school on March 21st

  • Usmaan Ramzan

  • Safwaan Ramzan

  • Eryk Mocniak

  • Ethan Meskin

Lawnswood School continues to be a good school!

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