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Year 7 Assessment

Assessing Progress at Key Stage 3

In September 2014 students at Key Stage 3 started to follow a new National Curriculum and this Programme of Study was no longer linked to National Curriculum Levels. Consequently we decided to embrace this opportunity to improve the way in which we support and monitor our youngest students.

When children arrive in Year 7 they spend the first 4 weeks working on a cross-curricular project in teams. During this time we take every opportunity to assess and evaluate their individual learning needs. Including undertaking Cognitive Ability Tests, reading tests and gathering teacher feedback. The data gathered is used in conjunction with information from Primary schools to ensure that the students are placed in the correct classes, given appropriate targets and provided with additional support where needed.

Our Year 7s follow a detailed scheme of learning designed to engage and challenge them. Parents can see what their child is learning and the progress they are making by looking their books. Each new section of work begins with an Assessment Journey:

Students are regularly assessed throughout the scheme and given high quality feedback, which shows them what they have done well and what their next steps are. The work will not be provided with a National Curriculum Level. Evidence shows that placing ‘levels’ on to students work has a negative effect, as it stops the child from engaging with the comments made by the teacher. At Lawnswood we expect our teachers to provide high quality, personalised feedback to our students so that they make rapid progress.

Parents will receive termly reports which show them whether there child is on track and making expected progress given their individual starting point.

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