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Information for Year 11 students

Curriculum content – what is taught and when?

At Lawnswood School we follow the national curriculum in Year 11.  This means your child will study the following subjects:

Core subjects include:

  • English language & literature              (5 hours per week)
  • Maths                                                  (3.5 hours per week)
  • Core and Additional Science*                        (5 hours per week)
  • Physical Education                              (1.5 hours per week)

*Some students will have the option to study Triple Science – these students are chosen by the science department in the summer term of Year 9.

Students also have a personalised option timetable which includes 4 GCSE/BTEC subjects, which they will have chosen during Year 9.  In addition, students in Year 11 will also have one hour a fortnight with their tutor group in which time the Personal, Social and Health Education (PSHE) curriculum will be delivered.

For further details about what will be covered in each subject in Year 11 please refer to the Year 11 section of our website.  You will also have this information in the Year 9 options booklet.

Class groupings – what is the rationale for how classes are chosen in each subject?

English, maths and science are set by ability, using prior attainment data from Key Stage 2 and 3, as well as data from baseline assessment, collected in Year 7.  All option subjects are taught in mixed ability groups.

Timetables – where can I find my child’s timetable?

Your child’s weekly timetable will be stuck into the front of his/her planner.    We encourage students to organise their home learning by using the planner to record what was set for home learning and the deadline date.

You can also use this planner as a means of communication between home and school.  To this end, we ask you to sign your child’s planner each week to help support them in the completion of home learning. 

Progress information - when and how will I receive feedback on my child’s progress?

In Year 11 you will have an opportunity to receive verbal feedback on your child’s progress at Lawnswood School when you meet with each of your child’s subject teachers at the parent consultation evening, as well as receiving three progress reports throughout the year.    For further detail about the dates of the above, please refer to the Year 11 timeline at the end of this booklet.

Assessment – how do I find out when my child will have assessments?

Your child will be continually assessed throughout Year 11 to ensure we have a rich data set on which to base our progress reports to you.  You will be able to see your child’s progress and much of this assessment in their subject books.  We encourage students to take their books home and discuss their learning with you.  You will be able to see their self, peer and teacher assessment which includes clear next steps to support their progress.

Exams – when will my child have exams?

We believe it is important to ensure students are used to formal examinations so that when they sit their GCSE and A-level exams, they do so with confidence.  This is even more important given the recent changes to two year linear courses at GCSE and A-level.  Therefore we timetable in formal end of year exams for each year group in the summer term.  We will communicate with you prior to these exams to remind you and provide you with tips on how to support your child with their revision.    For further details of when Year 11 exams will be, please refer to the Year 11 key dates. 

Contact – who do I contact for what and how do I contact them?

We are fully aware of the importance of working in partnership with parents/carers and aim to ensure there are excellent lines of communication at all times.  Should you have any concerns about your child or wish to get in touch to ask questions or clarify anything, then please do so.  You can either email or contact us via telephone, some information about who to contact about what can be found below.  Please note, most of our staff have timetables which mean they are often with students all day, to this end, please allow 24 hours from them receiving your email/telephone call to respond to your specific request.

Pastoral/wellbeing question/concern please contact:

Year Manager – Miss Millington (millington.ros@elawnswood.co.uk) or via telephone on the main school number (0113 2844020)

Head of Year – Mrs Parker (parker.kar@elawnswood.co.uk) or via telephone on the main school number (0113 2844020)

If you have a concern about progress in general please contact your child’s Head of Year but if it is a subject specific concern, please contact the relevant subject leader.  Subject leaders’ contact details are available on our website (in the Our Staff tab).

Key Dates for Year 11

September 2017

Tuesday 5 September             Start of term – Year 11 to arrive at 11.00am and go straight to tutor groups

Thursday 28 September          Y11 Parent Information Evening

October 2017

Week beg. 16 October          Y11 Data Collection 1

Week beg. 30 October          UCAS Progress opens to students for applications

                                           Y11 Commitment fortnight

23 – 27October                    Half term

November 2017

Wednesday 1 November       Lawnswood Sixth Form Open Evening 5pm-7pm

Tuesday 7 November             Parents’/Carers’ Evening 5pm – 7pm

Monday 13 November           Germany trip

Monday 27 November           Mock exams begin

Wednesday 29 November     Music pizza and performance evening

December 2017

Monday 4 December              Mock exams continued

Monday 11 December           Y11 music assessment and language speaking exams

Tuesday 12 December          Lawnswood School Sixth Form Taster Day

15 December – 2 January    End of term holiday

January 2018

Monday 08 January                Mock exam results this week

Monday 15 January                 Closing date for Post16 applications to school sixth forms

                                                Target date for submitting college applications

Monday 22 January                Y11 interviews begin

February 2018

Monday 26 February               Mock exams (2)

12 February – 16 February Half term

March 2018

Week beg. 12 March              Language speaking tests

Week beg. 26 March              Progress Report sent home

30 March – 16 April             End of term holiday

April 2018

Week beg. 23 April                GCSE art exam. Y11 data collection

Monday 30 April               Health and Social Care communication assessments over two weeks

May 2018

Week beg.  14 May                External GCSE exams start

                                           Ramadan begins

28 May – 1 June Half Term

June 2018

Friday 29 June                         Year 11 Ball at Weetwood Hall

July 2018

Date(s) to be confirmed         Sixth form induction days

Friday 20 July                        End of term

August 2018

Thursday 23 August                GCSE results day

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