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National Curriculum Music at KS3 - Focusing on what students CAN do!

We aim to prepare students for study at GCSE, therefore all Schemes of Learning aim to build on their previous knowledge and skills through performing, composing and listening.  The National Curriculum stresses the need to develop the pupils’ potential by focusing on what they CAN do rather than diverting them with areas where they struggle. This leads to a more confident approach that ultimately creates a more all-round musician. In line with the National Curriculum we aim to develop their vocal and/or instrumental fluency, accuracy and expressiveness; and understand musical structures, styles, genres and traditions, identifying the expressive use of musical dimensions.

GCSE Music at KS4

At Lawnswood School we use the AQA GCSE Music 8271 specification.  Students explore and study a wide range of music 1650 onwards.  Students are advised to have a principal study instrument in which they take frequent peripatetic lessons.  Below shows the weighting of each component at GCSE Music.  

Get involved this Summer 2017

Following the success of Annie, you have hopefully been inspired to get more involved in performing, see the timetable below and sign up soon!

Instrumental Music Tuition

We have an experienced and lively group of instrumental teachers offering tuition on a wide range of instruments including:  Flute, Clarinet, Saxophone (Alto and Tenor), Trumpet, Cornet, Trombone Violin, Viola, Piano, Drum Kit, Guitar (Electric and Acoustic) and Singing.  Some instruments can be provided for a small charge, either via Artforms (the Leeds Music Service) or from Lawnswood School, depending on availability. Please feel free to enquire about unlisted instruments as we may be able to arrange tuition.

Extra-Curricular and Shows

There are many extended-curricular activities overseen by staff within the Department such as:- Jazz Band, Choir, Year 7 Ensemble and the Rock Band . They rehearse during lunch or after school, with a view to performance at school events and venues in the local community.  The musicians at Lawnswood work towards school performances such as Live at Lawnswood. 

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