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Head of Faculty Mr D Lyons lyons.dar@elawnswood.co.uk
2nd in charge Mr M Smith smith.mar2@elawnswood.co.uk
KS3 Leader Mr R Redwin redwin.ric@elawnswood.co.uk
KS5 Leader Ms D Boynova boynova.dia@elawnswood.co.uk
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Key Stage 3

Students begin the year applying key Maths skills during the Wild about Lawnswood project, following which the students are set in maths.

Students follow the Key Stage 3 National Curriculum in years 7, 8 and 9.

They have the opportunity to develop their mathematical skills in all areas of maths. Studentss work in pairs and groups and regularly peer and self-assess their work.

Students are assessed regularly throughout KS3. This can include diagnostic, mini or end of year tests. Students in year 9 still sit a SATS paper in May.

Students have access to Mangahigh. They will be allocated their own password. This can be used for homework or revision.

Homework is set on a weekly basis. We are developing take away homework’s for all year groups which allows pupils choice of homework and challenge.

We recommend that students purchase a scientific calculator – Casio Fx- 85GT PLUS and a KS3 revision guide to help with their learning. There will be opportunities to purchase these through school.


Mathematics is compulsory at Key Stage 4

Students are set in years 10 and 11.

They follow the National Curriculum for KS4.

From Sept 2015 Year 10 will follow the new National Curriculum for KS4. Grades will be awarded 9 (highest) down to 1. 5 will be seen as the national benchmark (High grade C). The new National Curriculum has increased content and difficulty.

Students will take their GCSE at the end of year 11. There will be no early entry.

Students are assessed regularly at KS4. This includes regular topic tests and formal tests of past papers.

There are end of year exams in year 10.

There are 2 mock exams in year 11.

For the new curriculum assessment is 3 1hour 30min papers. 1 non calc and 2 calculator. We currently use EDEXCEL for HIGHER TIER and AQA for FOUNDATION TIER.

There is no coursework

We recommend that students purchase a scientific calculator – Casio Fx- 85GT PLUS There will be opportunities to purchase these through school. A revision guide will be given to students in year 11.

We recommend the following as good revision sites





What could I move onto?

A good grade in maths is a platform for As/A2 Mathematics or Further Mathematics.

It is compulsory for students not attaining a C grade (5) to continue to study for it in year 12 and 13.

A good grade in maths is widely valued by employers as it shows good organisation and logic skills.


We offer  AQA As maths – Core 1, Core 2 and Mechanics 1

AQA A2 maths – Core 3, Core 4 and Statistics 1

Edexcel As Further maths – FP1, Decision 1, Decision 2

Edexcel A2 Further Maths – FP2, FP3, Mechanics 2.

All lessons are taken at Lawnswood.

Assessment takes place throughout the year.

Final assessment is at the end of the year. For each module there is a written paper of length 1 hour and 30min. There is no coursework.

Entry Requirements

  • Maths. We ask for a grade B and look for an average point score greater than 46.
  • Further maths we ask for a grade A*/A at GCSE.
  • To get more info about Maths and potential careers take a look at.



What can I move on to?

Extra Curricular Activities

  • We are very keen at Lawnswood for students to experience mathematics outside of the classroom.
  • We encourage students to enter the UKMT maths challenges.
  • We have hosted and competed in the junior and year 10 team challenges.
  • We enjoy visits to the yearly Maths Inspiration event and events held at Leeds University.
  • We have a thriving chess and puzzle club that runs every day.

Lego Robotics

 Maths Inspirations day

A level Taster Day. Leeds University.

Numeracy across the curriculum

Mr Redwin, Teacher of mathematics, is the school's Numeracy Coordinator and he works to ensure that all teaching departments take a consistent approach to any maths elements in their subjects.

Below is our numeracy guide booklet, which is written for staff and provides best practice approaches for a variety of mathematical methods, such as drawing bar graphs or calculating averages.  If you have any questions about this booklet or our general approach to numeracy with students, please use the website's Contact facility to contact Mr Redwin.

Numeracy across the curriculum booklet 2016



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