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Main school

History: Year 9

Conflict and tension: Why did one murder cause a war in 1914?

War and reaction: How was the First World War fought? Why did so many ‘join up’? Was the Treaty of Versailles a good peace? How did Hitler control Germany?

Race and genocide: How did Nazi rule change lives in Germany? How useful is ‘The Pianist’ as a historical source?

Tsardom and Communism: Why did Russia change so much in 1917? How did Stalin’s rule change lives in Soviet Russia?

Concepts such as: chronology, sources, inference, interpretations, cause/consequence, change/continuity, factors of change, propaganda, armistice, conscription, alliance, treaty, terror, election, genocide, Holocaust, anti-semitism, persecution, resistance, communism, revolution, Bolshevik, purges, conflict, propaganda

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