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History: Year 8

Chopping and Changing: How powerful was Henry VIII? What did the Reformation change?

Gunpowder, Treason and Plot: How should we remember the 5th of November? Would you have signed Charles I’s death warrant?

Life and death: Why did so many people believe in witches?

Sugar, spice and misery: Why did Britain build an Empire? Was the British Empire a force for good or not?What was Africa like before European expansion? What lay behind the horrors of the slave trade?

The fight for rights: Who had the most impact on the struggle for civil rights in the USA?

Concepts such as: chronology,anachronism, timeline, era, age, period, centuries, sources, inference, interpretations, epidemic, cause, symptoms, population, social, economic and political impact, sources, inference, interpretations, cause/consequence,  change/continuity, nobility, reformation, Catholic, Protestant, Pope , transubstantiation, relics, pardons, dissolution, parliament, trigger, long term, social, political, economic, divine right, Royalist, Parliamentarian, revolution, imperialism, expansion.

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