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History: Year 7

Wild About Lawnswood: Zoo chronology. How and why have zoos changed?

Invaders and Settlers: How did Britain change under the Celts, Romans, Saxons and Vikings? What was life like before 1066? Why did William win at Hastings?

Invasion and Control: How did William control England? Why did castles change so much?

Prayer and Power: Why was it impossible to ignore the church?

Filth and Disease: Why was town life so unhealthy? How did the Black Death change people’s lives?

Concepts such as: chronology,anachronism, timeline, era, age, period, centuries, sources, inference, interpretations, settlement, monarchy, fyrd, housecarl, knight, feudalism, hierarchy, villain, serf, baron, knight, Domesday Book, castles, change and continuity, motte and bailey, keep, concentric, defence, attack, crusade, Purgatory, tithes, relics, pilgrimage, Mass, monastery, Heaven, Hell, Purgatory, Catholic

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