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Promotion of spiritual, moral, social and cultural development through EPR

Religious Education provides opportunities to promote spiritual development through:

  • discussing and reflecting on key questions of meaning and truth such as the origins of the universe, life after death, good and evil, beliefs about God and values such as justice, honesty and truth
  • learning about and reflecting on important concepts, experiences and beliefs that are at the heart of religious and other traditions and practices
  • considering how beliefs and concepts in religion may be expressed through creative and expressive arts and related to the human and natural sciences, thereby contribution to personal and communal identity
  • considering how religions and other world views perceived the value of human beings, and their relationships with one another, with the natural world, and with God
  • valuing relationships and developing a sense of belonging
  • eveloping their own views and ideas on religious and spiritual issues

Religious education provides opportunities to promote moral development through:

  • enhancing the values identified within the National Curriculum, particularly valuing diversity and engaging in issues of truth, justice and trust
  • exploring the influence of family, friends and media on moral choices and how society is influenced by beliefs, teachings, sacred texts and guidance from religious leaders
  • considering what is of ultimate value to pupils and believers through studying the key beliefs and teachings from religion and philosophy about values and ethical codes of practice
  • studying a range of ethical issues, including those that focus on justice, to promote racial and religious respect and personal integrity
  • considering the importance of rights and responsibilities and developing a sense of conscience.

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