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Promotion of British Values through EPR


In Year 7 our students evaluate different ways of running a society including democracy as part of their study of Leaders. At GCSE we study the British electoral  system and students consider alternative ways to run a society including a theocracy. We encourage our students to experience democracy through class votes.

The Rule of Law

At all key stages students are encouraged to think about laws, commandments and the expectations of living within a faith. For example in Year 7 students consider the purpose of the Ten Commandments and in Year 10 students encounter religious customs, such as polygamy, which are not allowed under civic law.

Individual Liberty

As students study world religions and non-religious approaches to life they realise that people have the right to believe what they wish although this choice is not without influence from peers, family and society. Our students are also constantly evaluating the extent to which we make free choices, for example at GCSE we make frequent use of the creation stories from Genesis, in Year 9 our students discuss free speech with reference to the Charlie Hebdo case. Our students also learn that with freedom comes responsibility, for example at GCSE we teach our students about the Christian concept of stewardship.

Mutual Respect

The EPR team models respect to our students by listening to the views of our students in a non-judgemental manner and creating an environment in which students can share their values and beliefs. We also encourage our students to develop a respect for those with different beliefs than themselves through the use of inspirational figures such as Guru Nanak, Jesus and Muhammad, Gandhi and Martin Luther King and Clarence Darrow. The GCSE Human Rights unit encourages students to think about the consequences of not showing mutual respect to others.

Tolerance of those with difference of other faiths and beliefs

Through the study of world religions we promote understanding and break down barriers to tolerance.

In Year 8 and 9 discuss the rise of Islamophobia; this serves to highlight to our students the consequences of religious intolerance. We also examine the banning of the Niqab in France and discuss the implications of such a law.  At GCSE our students study background and causes of the Iraq conflict, they start to realise that perhaps warm acceptance or love can be a better ideal to work towards than just tolerance.

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