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Main school

Curriculum Overview

At Key Stage 3 we follow the guidance offered by the Leeds Agreed Syllabus.  We deliver one hour per week.


Year 7

Animal ethics

What makes a good leader?


Year 8

Environment ethics

Is religion good for society?


Year 9

Human rights

What have we learnt from the Holocaust?


At Key Stage 4, we offer AQA Religious Studies Specification A.  We deliver 5 lessons over a fortnight.

50% of the course is dedicated to the in depth study of Christianity and Islam.  The remaining 50% is spent examining a range of philosophical and ethical issues.

Year 10 term 1

Religion and Life / Crime and Punishment

Year 10 term 2

Peace and conflict / Human Rights and Social Justice

Year 10 term 3

Christian Beliefs and Teachings

Year 11 term 1

Christian Practices / Muslim Practices

Year 11 term 2

Muslim Beliefs and Teachings

Year 11 term 3


Lawnswood School continues to be a good school!

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