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2017 - 18

Whole school letters

Headteacher's update letter 18 May 2018

Headteacher's update letter 4 May 2018

Headteacher's update letter 20 April 2018

Headteacher's update letter 23 March 2018

Headteacher's update letter 9 March 2018

Letter - recent closures 7 March 2018

Headteacher's update 26 February 2018

Headteacher's update 2 February 2018

Headteacher's update letter 5 January 2018

parent governor invitation letter Jan 2018

parent governor nomination form Jan 2018

Headteacher's update December 2017

Information regarding Measles from Leeds City Council

Measles is circulating leaflet from Leeds City Council

Headteacher's update letter 10 November 2017

Headteacher's update letter 20 October 2017

Headteacher's update letter 10 October 2017.pdf (276KB)

Headteacher's update letter 22 September 2017.pdf (282.7KB)

Headteacher's letter September 2017.pdf (293.4KB)

2016 -17

Whole school letters

French trip November 2017.pdf (163.1KB)

Germany trip Letter November 2017.pdf (164.2KB)

Switzerland Trip Letter 2017.pdf (178.9KB)

Headteacher's letter July 2017.pdf (316.2KB)

Headteacher's letter March 2017.pdf (267.8KB)

Headteachers Letter December 2016.pdf (218KB)

Headteachers Letter October 2016.pdf (280KB)

Year 7

Year 7 Parents consultation evening May 3

2017Information for parents in all year groups - Year 7 (1)

Yr 7 Parents' Consultation Evening April 2016.pdf (165.1KB)

Wild about Lawnswood.pdf (219.5KB)

Y 7 Settling in Evening October 2016.pdf (172.9KB)

Year 8

Year 8 Parents consultation evening March 18

Year 8 Parent Information Evening November 17.pdf (144KB)

Year 8 Parents' evening March 17.pdf (165.7KB)

Yr 8 Parents' Consultation Evening March 2016.pdf (166.6KB)

Year 9

Year 9 parents letter Feb 18 (2)

Parents Options Evening Jan 18

Y 9 Parents' Consultation Evening February 2016.pdf (158.4KB)

Y9 Revision March 2016.pdf (141KB)

Y9 Options Evening 18 January 2017.pdf (156KB)

Year 10

Year 10 Parents consultation evening March 18

Year 10 Target setting evening January 2018.docx(1)

Year 10 parents consultation evening March 2017.pdf (158.4KB)

Y 10 Parents' Consultation Evening March 2016.pdf (157.9KB)

Y 10 Target Setting Evening April 2016.pdf (148.6KB)

Year 10 Target setting evening 24 Feb 2017.pdf (159.9KB)

Year 11

Year 11 parents letter - October 2017

Year 11 parent information evening Sept 2017.pdf (149.8KB)

Year 11 Parents' Consultation Evening November 2016.pdf (161.1KB)

Yr 11 GCSE letter March 2016.pdf (130.5KB)

Best ever Key Stage 5 Results!

43% of all A-level/BTEC results at A/A* or Distinction/Distinction*.

99% Pass rate.

28% of A level students achieved A levels at grades AAB or higher in at least 2 ‘facilitating subjects’.

Well done to all our students!