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Thinking of Studying Abroad

It has recently been in the news as an attractive alternative to UK universities on the basis of lower fees in SOME countries.

The cost of undergraduate study in different countries varies considerably. As an EU citizen you may have the automatic right to be considered for a place at an EU University. It could be an exciting prospect, studying for 2-3 years overseas. (Many UK undergraduate programmes offer the opportunity to spend a year abroad.)

Before committing to studying abroad there are a number of important factors that need to be considered such as:

  • What language is the course taught in?
  • What level of languages skills do you have?

Costs; direct  fees, accommodation and maintenance, travel and any ‘hidden costs’?

Is the degree internationally recognised? Is the degree transferable back to the UK for employment?
Visa/residential requirements
Lengths of terms and the university year and application times
Travel logistics
Careful research is needed!

These websites provide different views on the same universities. They both have good search and comparison sections


A new website that lists undergraduate courses taught in ENGLISH in Europe parts of Asia and Australasia. It does not include every course and country. Eg USA and Canada are not included


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