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Lawnswood School Reading Challenge

Welcome to Lawnswood School Reading Challenge. This is your chance to win some prizes and all you have to do is the most enjoyable activity there is, reading!

In order to participate, simply read some books and complete some of the activities. We encourage all of you to read at least one book and begin the reading challenge. From this point, you could go on to read some more books of your choosing and complete some more activities
based on those.

There are two separate competitions, which require a different amount of commitment. This means there is something for everyone and we hope that you will enter one of them.

Choose which competition you want to enter carefully. Don’t over commit yourself but equally don’t make life too easy either. You know how much you normally read and therefore only you know what you are capable of this summer.

You do not have to complete all of the activities involved in your chosen competition. Just remember the more you do, the more impressive your entry will be.

In order to enter, fill in the cover sheet of your chosen completion, put a line through which tasks you have completed and ensure that you give all your tasks with your cover sheet to your English teacher or Mrs South in your first week back in September.

Good luck and enjoy the reading!

English summer reading challenge 2017.pdf (272.6KB)

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