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Sasa Paterson 7AST

My judo

In the past 12 months I have fought in 20 competitions; including 2 international tournaments - one in the Netherlands and another in Germany.

I have won the following medals over the past 12 months:

  • Club Championships
  • Gold West Yorkshire Championships
  • Gold SKK Invitational
  • Silver Goole Open
  • Bronze Yorkshire and Humberside Championships
  • Silver Destination Judo Durham Neil Adams Masterclass
  • Gold and girl fighter of the day.Northern Ireland National Championships
  • Silver Nottingham U12’s Championships
  • Silver North of England Open Championships
  • Bronze Nottingham U12’s Open
  • Gold Kent International
  • Silver Cardiff Central
  • Silver Littleport Open
  • Gold Southend International
  • Bronze British School Qualifiers, London
  • Sliver Goole Christmas Championships U16’s
  • Gold British Schools Yorkshire & Humberside Qualifiers - Gold

In total I have 17 medals; 7 golds, 7 silvers and 3 bronze. Over the past year I have really enjoyed my judo and have gone to so many amazing places to compete. I have also met some pretty cool people and formed close friendships with the people I train and compete with.  


What is judo?

Judo means 'the gentle way'. It is a sport of unarmed combat that comes from jiu-jitsu. It's intended to train the body and mind. Judo involves using hold downs, throws and the knowledge of balance lines to unbalance the opposition.

Judo was invented in Japan by a man called Jigoro Kano. Sadly though, on May 4th 1938 he passed away at sea, returning to Japan from an IOC meeting where he had petitioned for Judo to become an Olympic sport.

Judo was first an Olympic sport in the Tokyo 1964 Olympic games. In 1964 only male participants were allowed to compete. In the 1988 games women were allowed also to participate but only for demonstrational purposes. Then in 1992 Games women were allowed to compete for medals.

Judo is Japanese

Judo is done mostly in Japanese. Techniques are all said in Japanese, and words like bow, judo suit, go and stop. If you do competitions then your score and points are also said in Japanese.

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