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Orla Hunt, Year 8


Hello, I am Orla Hunt. I am a student in year 8 and I am writing about an organisation called CISV which I am very lucky to be part of.

CISV is an organisation that helps to promote global friendship and brings countries together. It was set up after the second World War by a lady called Doris Twitchell Allen to make that special bond with young children all over the world. She developed CISV to create opportunities for people from all over the world to become friends with everyone and have a good time.

When I was in year 6 I got the opportunity to go to south Korea for a month on the first camp you can do with CISV this is called ‘village’. My camp was called daebak and the theme of the camp was conflict resolution, so we talked about problems in the world and what should be done to help.

I went with a group of 3 other children, there were 2 girls and 2 boys, this group is called a delegation and we also had a leader with us. There where 12 delegations on my camp from all over the world. Some of the countries that came on camp with me were France, USA(Colorado), Egypt, Spain, Germany, Italy, Mexico and lots more including Korea.

I will be going to Japan this summer on an international youth meeting which is the next camp you can do with CISV. My sisters are also doing village this year; one of them is going to Korea like me and the other to Spain. We also have monthly meeting in Leeds, called Junior Branch, where we get to meet up with other members of CISV from Leeds and discuss the theme of the year, which is human rights.

Thank you for taking the time to read about such a great organisation and what I do with them. If you see me around school and want to get involved I am happy to explain more about it to you.


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