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Layla Walker - Year 7

Layla has been chosen by the Year 7 team to feature on our website, as everyone is really pleased with how well she has settled into life at secondary school.

Miss Dean, Head of Year 7 described Layla as ‘ a very determined young lady, always smiling, uplifting to her peers and an absolute 'RAY OF SUNSHINE'!’

Layla has taken the time to write the following pen portrait to share with you here:

Layla Walker 7/11/16

I was born in Leeds on September 11 2004.

I live in Leeds with my Mum, my Sister and I also have pets. I have two dogs and one cat; they are called Cindy, Skyler and Evie.

I used to go to the Holy Name Catholic Primary School. I liked when we had a disco because I like music. My dad is a musician and he can play the guitar and the piano.

I like Lawnswood School because I get to work in a little group and I have got friends here. I like all the lessons that I do I don’t have a favourite one.

On a Saturday I go to dancing lessons which I like very much. On a Wednesday I go to tap dancing lessons. I am always tired in the morning when I go there.

I have settled in well at Lawnswood and I can ask a teacher or a Teaching Assistant if I need any help.

Lawnswood School continues to be a good school!

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