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IMG-20181111-WA0010Emilie Jolly – School Journalist

As part of our school internship programme, we are proud to introduce Emilie Jolly (16) from year 12 as a member of our school journalism panel.

She is a half British half French student who is currently studying her A- level English Language, English Literature, Art, and Psychology.

Writing is one of her biggest passion since young age and she’s hoping to channel this by creating stories and articles that people could enjoy. She also hopes that through journalism she will be able to learn, grow, and integrate the skills she picks up along the way into her a level subjects.

Emilie’s passion for writing and her one of a kind imagination helps her create a unique and thrilling 11-chapter novel on WattPad: The Child of the Moon, a story that revolves around the rebellion of a Princess in her not-so-innocent castle. Her account has gained over 100 followers and it keeps growing as she aims to upload a new chapter every fortnight.

As a young author, Emilie is also a huge fan of books. Since a very young age, reading has become a part of her and as of now, she owns over 200 books. Her favourite book genre is fantasy one her favourite books is the Six of Crows series by Leigh Bardugo.

Not only is she a brilliant author, Emilie also channels her creativity and imagination through art and design. She has produced tonnes of incredible art pieces over the years which mainly focus on other worldly creatures and beings.

She has also put together a long, elegant olive green cloak as part of her textiles final piece. Inspired by nature, her cloak has won a school award back in the summer for the best textiles piece and is now hung up for display in the school main reception.

Outside of her school, Emilie likes to spend time with her cats Jasper and Fluffy and she works as a French teacher at the French school Le Petite Ecole every Saturday. She speaks a mixture of French and English at home and therefore likes to help other people learn and improve their French as well. Her motto is : “Anyone remotely interesting is mad, in some way or another”

Lawnswood School continues to be a good school!

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