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Headteacher's Update

Dear Parent/Carer

It hardly seems possible that we are nearly at the end of the spring term. I hope you have been keeping up to date, through our website and Twitter account, with the learning and other activities that have been happening at Lawnswood this term.


We have many students who have already achieved bronze, silver and gold commendation certificates and we continue to celebrate students who show commitment, excellent communication skills, curiosity, creativity, collaboration and confidence in their learning. Well done to the first winner of the Headteacher’s Award; Ellie Parker in Year 10. I am looking forward to meeting Ellie and other students who have received the most commendations at my celebration breakfast on Tuesday next week.

Easter revision sessions

We are very pleased with the effort that our Year 11 students are committing to their studies. The knowledge that there are only 24 school days until the first of the main GCSE exams is, I am sure, supporting their work ethic!

To further support our students during the Easter break, we have put together a comprehensive programme of revision sessions across a range of subjects. You will have received a letter if your child has been invited to attend one or more of these sessions. I am very grateful to my staff for giving up their time in the holidays to ensure our Year 11 students are successful in the summer exams.

Social media

Increasingly, we are being asked by parents/carers to investigate inappropriate behaviour on social media and problems associated with social media usage. Whilst we must ensure students are safe, happy and able to learn at school, we do find the problems caused by use of social media out of school hours very challenging. Our curriculum covers the responsible use and dangers of social media and, of course, the importance of treating all members of our school and local community with respect. Students have many opportunities to engage in this curriculum throughout the year. However, it is impossible to monitor and influence students’ use of social media outside school hours.

With this in mind, I ask for your support to remind your child/children about responsible and safe use of social media and to monitor the nature of their activity. The following websites have some useful advice for parents/carers:




Finally, most social media applications/sites require young people to be 13 before they use them. If your child is using social media, please follow the advice on the websites above to ensure they are using social media responsibly and safely. The advice also covers what to do if you feel your child is not safe as a result of their social media usage; how to protect them and how to report abuse.

Supporting your child if they raise a concern

Whilst we aim to ensure our students feel they can raise concerns about their learning or their safety at school with staff, there may be times when they raise these concerns with you. They may also raise concerns about other students’ safety with you too. If your child does raise concerns about any child’s safety or wellbeing at school, please contact their Head of Year or Year Manager via email or telephone (contact details are on our website). If you feel it is a concern out of school, then the following website provides useful advice. https://www.nspcc.org.uk/preventing-abuse/child- protection-system/england/reporting-your-concerns/

Learning reports

You will soon be receiving end of term progress reports. Please do take some time to talk through these reports with your child and if you have any questions or concerns, contact us via the school contact form on our website http://lawnswoodschool.co.uk/contact/ and we will direct your query to the most appropriate colleague.

Collecting exam certificates

If your child sat an exam in summer 2017, their official exam certificates are now available for collection. Please ask him/her to come to our visitor reception to collect the certificate(s). If he/she is unable to attend personally, you can collect the certificates on their behalf if you bring a signed permission letter from your child.

Goodbye to staff

Sadly, we say goodbye to the following staff at the end of the spring term: Miriam O’Callaghan - receptionist

Carol Lindley - administration assistant Sharon Baker-Sinclair - inclusion manager

I am sure you join me in thanking these colleagues for their hard work and dedication during their time with us at Lawnswood School.

Dates for your diary or for information:

  • Tuesday 27 March: Year 8 Parent Consultation Evening from 4.30pm until 7.00pm
  • Wednesday 28 March: Friends of Lawnswood School meeting at 7.00pm – all welcome
  • Wednesday 28 March: Fiesta! From 4.00pm until 6.00pm in G25 – a celebration with a Portuguese, Brazilian and Mexican theme. Join students and their families to share food, music and conversation.
  • Monday 16 April: the beginning of Year 7’s Commitment Fortnight

I hope you have a restful holiday and I look forward to seeing all our students safely back with us on Monday 16 April 2018.

Yours faithfully,
Mrs J Bell

Lawnswood School continues to be a good school!

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