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29 March 2019

Dear Parents/Carers

This term has flown by, especially with this very short half term. The weather has been kind to us during this last week of term and it has been lovely to see our school site bathed in wonderful sunshine. As always, Twitter will have given you a flavour of all the excellent teaching and learning taking place on an hourly basis throughout each week. If you don’t follow us on Twitter, please do take some time to visit our website for an update on life at Lawnswood School as well as talking to your child(ren) about their experiences of school.


Many thanks to parents who are supporting our reading projects in school. We know that encouraging reading for pleasure is so important to the futures of our students and your help is vital.

Loving Lawnswood Library

Thank you for your generous donations to our library project - we raised £339 and this will all be spent on making the library more engaging for our students.

Book donations

Thank you for all of the books that you have sent in - we have shared these between the library, classroom book boxes and our little free library. Please continue to hand in any book donations to main reception - books of any genre, or age range, gratefully received.

World Book Day

We had a whale of a time on World Book Day. A record number of teachers (80%) were dressed as a book character, with 5 departments completely themed around an author, or a particular book. Students also engaged and there were characters ranging from a suffragette through to Legolas. We can't wait for next year - departments have already started planning! Lawnswood Bookworm Competition

The bookworms are back! We have celebrated our individual winner - well done Eligijus - our form group winners, and our overall form group champions - well done 7LRb! Lots of great readers in Y7.

Lawnswood Community Read

This year our community across years 7 to 10 read 'The Fastest Boy in the World'. 15 minutes of every lesson in Lawnswood Book Week was dedicated to reading this inspiring story. We read non-fiction and learned lots about Ethiopia, and fiction based on real life. Feedback from one student was: "I really wanted to see what happened in the book and enjoyed learning about the country. It was nice having teachers read a story to us again."

Improving communication

Following your feedback through the parental survey, we know that at times we don’t always get our communication with you as parents/carers right and as a consequence we are constantly striving to improve this aspect of our work. After the holidays you will receive a letter inviting you to download and log in to the Classcharts app. Classcharts is the system we use in school for tracking and supporting students’ behaviour and attitudes. You will be able to see any negative behaviour points such as ‘cautions’ when school expectations have not been met, ‘withdrawals’ when a student is removed from a classroom, and any other incidents. This is to support you in discussing your child’s behaviour and attitude with them at home.

Most importantly however you will be able to see every ‘commendation’ that your child is awarded, plus specific comments from their teachers about what great achievements and attitudes they have shown. In our recent student voice surveys, overwhelmingly, students wanted us to tell their parents and carers when they were doing well and we know they are looking forward to being congratulated by you for their great work day in day out.

Rewarding Our Wonderful Students

On Wednesday 17th July 2019 we will be taking hundreds of students on rewards trips for meeting our high expectations. The students are excited and motivated already and are considering their preference between a day out at Lightwater Valley or the other option of a morning of bowling and afternoon watching a movie. Invitations will be issued to those students meeting the criteria at the end of next half term. A reminder of the rewards trip day criteria:

  • Attendance above 94%
  • Punctuality to school and lessons above 98%
  • Zero exclusions
  • Fewer than 3 withdrawals from lessons
  • Positive numbers of commendations after cautions are taken away

Students who narrowly miss the criteria but show excellent attitude and improvement may also be invited to reward their efforts to take responsibility to improve.

We look forward to a very enjoyable day involving the vast majority of the school.

Consequences of Poor Attitudes to Learning

As well as focussing on the positives, we take our role in addressing any negative attitudes and behaviours very seriously. This is to support all students in developing positive and healthy attitudes towards themselves and others which will stand them in good stead for happy adult lives.

We operate a same day detention policy for lateness, lack of homelearning, withdrawal from a lesson, 3 cautions, or other incidents. Detentions may be 30 mins or 1 hour. Detentions will be held in the school hall in silence and students will catch up on missed learning and literacy and numeracy activities. We seek to reinforce the importance of learning time and make up for lost learning time as well as hold restorative conversations with young people. As a courtesy we will make every effort to notify parents when a same day detention has been issued, and in the majority of cases you will receive a text message letting you know about the detention. Thank you for supporting our behaviour policy and discussing your child’s attitude to learning with them at home.

Uniform reminders

Our school has a formal school uniform to reflect our high expectations for students. To support you, as parents/carers, in discussions with your child about uniform, details of what students are expected to wear and what is and isn’t acceptable are available on our website. I know that children grow, sometimes at an alarming rate, over the holiday periods, so please ensure that your child is fully equipped with the correct uniform for the summer term. Your support with this is invaluable so thank you in advance.

Easter Revision Sessions

It hardly seems possible that after we return from the Easter holidays our Year 11 students will be starting their GCSEs, although the main examination season starts in May. To support your child with their revision over the Easter holidays, our staff are running a series of revision sessions which were shared with parents and carers of Year 11 via a letter a few weeks ago. I would like to publically thank the staff who are giving up their holiday to support our students as well as wish all our Year 11 students the best as they knuckle down to their revision during this two-week period. If you would like any support to help your child with their revision during the holidays, please visit the Year 11 section of our website where you will find a revision booklet with lots of tips and revision strategies.

Dates for your diary:

  • Week beginning 15 April – Holland Trip
  • Friday 19 April – Monday 22 April inclusive Easter weekend – school closed
  • Week beginning 20 May – Lawnswood Readathon (more details to follow)

I hope you have a restful and relaxing holiday and look forward to seeing all our students back safety on 15 April at 8.30am.

Yours faithfully

Mrs J Bell Headteacher

Lawnswood School continues to be a good school!

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